Taco Bus Offers “Win and Win” Promotion to USF or UCF Fans and Students

Tampa, Florida – November 7th, 2019 – The “War on i4” has quickly become one of Florida’s most exciting collegiate rivalries. Taco Bus’s latest promotion will offer a 50% discount to fans and students of the winning team.

On November 30th, any diner who presents their student ID or is wearing team spirit clothing for the winning team will receive the 50% discount on their entire order from participating locations.

“Our Tampa locations have long served USF students, and they have played an essential role in our success. However, our new Orlando location has quickly been embraced by UCF students.” says Taco Bus Director of Marketing, Heather Chaudrhy. “We see this promotion as a great way we can show our support to both communities. Tying the promotion to the winning team is a way for us to keep it chido.”

However, not all Taco Bus owners are as impartial. “As a UCF graduate and lifelong Orlando resident, I am putting my support behind the UCF Knights.” says Priyanka Shetty, the owner of Taco Bus Orlando. “UCF students have welcomed the brand to Orlando and have quickly made us part of the Knight life.”

This promotion will be offered at the Tampa location at 2320 E. Fletcher Avenue and the Orlando location at 11325 University Blvd.

About Taco Bus
Twenty years before the food truck trend was filling up hungry stomachs and cable-TV time slots, a converted school bus rolled into Tampa, bringing with it unforgettable Mexican food. The Taco Bus had arrived. For over a decade, The Taco Bus traveled through Tampa, changing to meet the needs of our community. Today, The Bus takes you on a trip to Mexican Flavortown at each of our locations. Using traditional recipes from every region of Mexico, we provide a modern twist on Mexican tastes, ensuring fresh, affordable options for everyone. Taco Bus now has 15 locations throughout Florida.