Taco Bus Menu

Chips & Dip

Basket of chips and your choice of dip. Salsa*, Pico de Gallo, Queso, Bean Dip, Butternut Squash, or Guacamole.

Elote Mexican Street Corn

Elote Mexican Street Corn

Fresh shucked roasted Corn on the Cob, Coated with a Smoky Chipotle sauce, topped with Cotija cheese and fresh cilantro.


Fluff-fried with cheese and your choice of protein: Shredded Chicken, Portabello Ranchero, or Ground Beef.

Loaded Quesadilla

Two large 10” flour tortillas filled with your choice of protein and cheese, topped with guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream.


Hard corn, Soft corn, or Flour tortillas with your choice of protein and cheese.

Twiin Grande Tacos

Two extra large tacos with your choice of protein, cheese, Mexican rice and refried beans.


Crunchy flat corn tortilla slathered with refried beans, veggies, and topped with sour cream and cheese.

Blackened Seafood Burrito

Huge flour or whole grain tortilla stuffed with cheese, veggies, and your choice of protein.

Burrito Preñado

Huge flour or whole grain tortilla stuffed with Mexican rice, refried beans, and cheese.

El Jefe (Over 2 lbs)

Weighing in over 2 lbs, this is the chief! Two tortillas wrapped with your choice of protein, double Mexican rice and beans, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole!


Huge flour or whole grain tortilla stuffed with cheese, veggies, and your choice of protein.

Torta (Mexican Sandwich)

Freshly baked telera roll slathered with refried beans and topped with mayo, jalapeño stripes and cheese.


Plate of tortilla chips piled high with Mexican rice topped with your choice of protein and queso.


A large lightly fried burrito stuffed with cheese, black beans and your choice of protein topped with pico de gallo and queso.

El Borrito Bol

Mexican rice, black beans, with your choice of protein topped with lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo.

Taco Salad

A crispy tortilla shell, loaded with fresh romaine lettuce, choice of protein, topped with fresh pico de gallo, grilled corn, mozzarella, and cotija cheese, topped with our zesty street corn sauce, sour cream, and fresh cilantro.

Grilled Chicken

Seasoned chicken with our secret sauce.

Chicken Chipotle

Chicken smothered in a creamy chipotle sauce.

Shredded Chicken

Shredded chicken in a tomatillo sauce.

Spicy Chicken

Diced chicken chunks in a very HOT tomatillo and chile de arbol sauce.

Marinated Shredded Pork

Shredded pork in achiote and bitter orange, smoked in banana leaves. -Old Mayan Recipe

Shredded Pork

Shredded and seasoned slow-cooked pork.

Ground Beef

Black Angus ground beef in a tomato sauce with a hint of coriander, cumin with diced potatoes.


Hand cut sirloin marinated in Mexican seasonings.


Beer-battered grouper with cream sauce.


Grilled and deliciously seasoned in a spicy garlicky sauce.

Portabello Ranchero

Grilled portabella mushrooms, poblano peppers, onions, and tomatoes in a spicy red salsa.

Butternut Squash

Grilled with sweet red peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Topped with queso cotija.


Grilled plant-based protein marinated with smoky chipotle.

Vegan “Steak”

Textured soy protein, seasoned and grilled.


Flour tortillas filled with your choice of protein and cheese


Meat and Cheese only

Refried Beans

Mexican Rice

Elote Street Corn




Delicious puffed pillows of fried dough, served hot, soft, and  sweet with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with honey.


Long fried dough pastries rolled in cinnamon sugar.


Strawberry, Horchata, Chocolate.


Baked milky custard with a caramel glaze.

Tres Leches

Sponge cake soaked in 3 types of milk.


Regular and Large Soda, Regular and Large Fresh Brewed Tea, Bottled Water, Jarritos Mexican Soda, Coca Cola Mexicana

Alcoholic Beverages

Beer (Dos Equis, Corona, Corona Light, & others)

Sangria (Fruit base wine with fresh fruit inspired by the traditional punch brought to Mexico from Spain.)

Agua Fresca

Agua de Piña (Pineapple Water), Flavor of the Month (Agua de Sandia, Agua de Mango) Horchata (A traditional Mexican drink made from rice, condensed milk, vanilla & cinnamon)