For nearly a decade, Taco Bus has proudly delivered a healthy, fresh, authentic Mexican taste experience to our Tampa fans. Just one bite of a burrito, tostada, ensalada or quesadilla, and your taste buds will be singing traditional Mexican folk songs. The word “quality” falls miserably short in its attempt to describe the Taco Bus commitment to doing everything better, from gluten free and vegan offerings, to the freshest, tastiest, crunchiest flavors on four wheels. The textures will enchant, the fresh baked Telera rolls beckon, the roasted poblano breaks into song with every bite, as you are invited on a journey south, across the border.

Tienes hambre?

If you’ve never taken a Taco Bus trip to Authentic Mexican Flavortown, it’s never too late to push the outer limits of a casual, healthy, fun experience you can only get in one place.


Meet Chef Rene


You may have seen Taco Bus on the Food Network, the Travel Channel and the Cooking Channel, but the national spotlight was a long time coming. Chef and restaurateur Rene Valenzuela likes to say Taco Bus is one of those “overnight successes that was 30 years in the making.”

At 9 years old, while other kids were playing marbles or soccer, Valenzuela was busy making and selling his own tacos at a farmer’s market in his native Mexico. By college, he was running a taqueria in El Centrito, the Ybor City of Monterrey. He soon followed the food business to the United States in 1994 and brought his love of Mexican street fare with him to Tampa in 1996.

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